Scars: Anxiety


Symptom 1: Constantly feeling anxious, sad or empty.

“Whenever I am depressed I feel like I’m in a glass bubble. No one can hear me no matter how loud I scream but everyone can see me and they just don’t do anything about it. I feel trapped. The only thing that seems to work is listening to Beyoncé. She makes me feel like the strong and fearless woman that I know I am. Depression is a real thing that should never be ignored or overlooked. Women are suffering so we must remind them that they, too, are strong and fearless.” -Anonymous

Graphic by Joey Fisher

Scars is a visual series that is here to express those days where you can’t get out of bed, but mostly for other women to know that they are not alone. You can see the entire series here

Joey is a Ron Swanson wannabe who enjoys the finer things in life. She is a page designer for newspapers that are located on the West Coast. She enjoys her two cats and Chinese food more than most people. Whiskey and wine keep her warmer than sunshine.


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