14 must-watch movies when you’re going through a break up


Breakups are hard – way harder than you think they’re going to be. You lose your best friend, your lover and that constant slumber party. There are countless reasons breakups happen, from infidelity to not feeling loves to arguments and everything in between. And you just want to get over it.


The one thing that’s the same for everyone, though, is that you definitely deserve a movie day. So grab some chocolate, some popcorn, your girls and your pets, and set your TV with these fourteen breakup films.

      1. Legally Blonde
        I would watch it just for that studying montage with Joanna Pacitti’s Watch Me Shine.
      2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
        To actually forget your Sarah Marshall.
      3. High Fidelity
        A reminder that relationships suck anyway.
      4. Kill Bill
        Since you won’t actually take it this far, it’s kinda nice to see someone who did.giphy
      5. Romy and Michelle’s Highschool Reunion
        It’s important to watch this with your Romy. Friends are forever, partners are whatever, amiright?
      6. 10 Things I Hate About You
        Then make a list: 10 things you hate about your ex
      7. 500 Days of Summer
        A soft reminder that the manic pixie dream girl isn’t real, and “the one” isn’t either.tumblr_nqoee7xPAo1rey868o1_500
      8. John Tucker Must Die
        Need I say more?
      9. The Breakup
        To remind yourself that you aren’t alone – and for a bit of comic relief.
      10. Dirty Dancing
        Don’t let this breakup put baby in the corner.DONT-try-home
      11. Bridget Jones’s Diary
        A classic.
      12. Silver Linings Playbook
        You’ll find someone just as fucked up as you are – don’t settle for any less.
      13. Clueless
        Get stuck in this rut? As if.
      14. Bridesmaids
        You’ve got your girls, and that’s all you need anyway. #GrlPwr635499796320861766-1784823978_rs_500x215-140606093906-tumblr_inline_mwsswtZ1Wf1s8athv


Christianna is an adventurous, optimistic feminist who can hold her own in a few topics: politics, music, baking and books. At a party, you can find her consoling the hostess’s pets and sipping a gin and tonic.


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