12 YAASSS Moments from Tonight’s Presidential Debate

If you didn’t watch tonight’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, first of all—shame on you! But also, I can understand the temptation. It was painful.

Here’s what you missed.

1. Someone made an actually appropriate comment on Hillary’s choice of wardrobe

2. The opening questions on economics went well

3. There were some fact issues (“I will always tell you the truth,” he said. “Believe me,” he said.)

4. Hillary’s smile continued to be relevant somehow

5. The drinking games got out of hand

6. Sometimes, it felt like Trump did Hillary’s work for her

7. Other times, there wasn’t a punching bag in the world that could substitute for Trump’s face

8. Hillary’s “temperament” became a thing???

9. And then her preparedness???

10. And she struggled to get a word in edgewise

11. And somewhere in there, Hillary expressed what we were all thinking

12. Soooo, just to recap.

Hey, only 42 days left! 

Jacqui is a terrible dinner party guest—she only knows how to talk about politics and religion. On a typical Friday night, she can be found binge-watching her current Netflix show of choice, playing Civilization: The Board Game and drinking <$8 bottles of champagne.


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