We’ve already lost

One of my responsibilities as the politics editor here at Bottle Magazine is to publish a recap of the third presidential debate in funny tweets.

But I’m not going to do that tonight because this isn’t fucking funny.*

I have a lot of friends who are recruiting people to get out the vote and firing them up about winning electoral votes and Senate seats that could never otherwise go to Democrats. They are excited about the changes this election can bring, and they are contagious, and may God bless them. They’ve convinced me—I’ll be spending my Saturdays between now and November 8th walking the streets of Tucson to turn Arizona blue, too.

Still, I believe this with all my heart: Even if Hillary wins in a fifty-state landslide, we have already lost.


When Donald Trump is a major party candidate, permitted to stand on a national platform next to Hillary Clinton and gaslight us all, we have already lost.


When the democratic and peaceful transition of power is openly threatened, we have already lost.


When a campaign premised entirely on xenophobia…












…and pure shit…


…when that campaign successfully secures ~40% of this nation’s vote, we have already lost.

So no, I won’t celebrate all the shade Hillary threw on Donald tonight. That would require legitimizing his presence in this election at all. It would require me acknowledging the sexist undertones of how this debate played out and the sexist overtones of how we as a society decided that there should be a contest between this woman and this man.


I won’t do it. Even when the punchline of the joke is “Hillary is winning!” I can’t laugh, and neither should you.


Nobody is winning this dumpster-fire-in-hellfire-in-front-of-a-firing-squad election.

Don’t laugh. Don’t cry. (<–Advice I could do a better job of listening to, myself.) Don’t boo. Vote.


And then rebuild.

Don’t let this happen again.

Jacqui is a terrible dinner party guest—she only knows how to talk about politics and religion. On a typical Friday night, she can be found binge-watching her current Netflix show of choice, playing Civilization: The Board Game and drinking <$8 bottles of champagne.

*But of course, I still had to include funny tweets. I’m a millennial, and this is a new media site, and that’s what we do.


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