Kick ass girl musicians you should be listening to right now

Support your girls. In a previous life, I enjoyed my time as a female bassist in a jazz band and, later, a punk band. Since my current life is trailing down the road of a different creative, male-driven art (all my passions involve taking down the patriarchy by making male coworkers uncomfortable), my bass has spent less time in my hands. I do remember being a female musician, though, and I remember how important it is to receive support from your sisters. So I compiled a list of my 12 current obsessions: bands with female musicians you’re sure to fucking love as much as I do. In no particular order:

Hop Along
The perfect punk for commutes – won’t get you too mad but will give you that “fuck the system” glow perfect for sticking it to street harassers.

Courtney Barnett
Literally everything about Courtney Barnett’s voice, tone and stylistic choices makes me glad to be a woman.

Big Thief
I’m not telling you to listen to this when you’re high but I’m not telling you not to.

Dye your hair blue, get a nose ring and enjoy.

A pretty solid mixture of acoustic and electronic, AlunaGeorge is the ideal music to get pumped.

Deap Vally
Smile is the single best song to listen to while you tell that 40 year-old man at the bar that it’s not that you don’t have a boyfriend, it’s that you aren’t interested.

In real life, KAYE is just as sweet as her songs make her out to be – but just like the rest of us, she’s still a multifacetted boss who will not take your shit (looking at you Donald Trump)

Perfect for all twentysomethings searching for something to fuel our angsty, wild, kinda sad, kinda mad, always hip anxieties, there’s Alvvays (like always not all-vays).

This song makes me cry.

Chastity Belt
The women of Chastity Belt are helping you find the party

Rilo Kiley
Beachy, femme, sexy.

Diet Cig
Diet Cig, like a lot of femme punk, is a beautiful mixture sad, angry, and “fuck that guy that fucked you over.”

Christianna is an adventurous, optimistic feminist who can hold her own in a few topics: politics, music, baking and books. At a party, you can find her consoling the hostess’s pets and sipping a gin and tonic.


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