The Resistance To-Do List: New Year, New Fights

Well, bitches—I have good news, and I have bad news.

On the one hand, we learned from yesterday’s House Ethics debacle that enough outrage can, in fact, prompt the GOP to stand down.

On the other hand, the next fight is literally life and death for a lot of people.

Obamacare. It’s the only thing on the agenda this week.

Let’s talk about it.

The GOP has inserted a section into the budget resolution that will allow them to pass a repeal of Obamacare under a special parliamentary procedure that doesn’t allow for a filibuster.

Which means that, after this week, Democrats on the Hill will have absolutely no power to make even symbolic protests against repeal.

So the time to rally is now, before the budget resolution passes. And the best method of rallying involves bipartisanship—because I promise you that your Trump-voting uncle will be hurt by the GOP’s “repeal and delay” strategy, too. Insurance is about to get very expensive, very fast.

It feels like a simple premise to me, and I’m sure we can make the simple argument to others, too: If the GOP is going to pass a law taking insurance away from millions of people with the promise that they’ll “fix it later,” it owes those people an explanation of their proposed solution first.

So your to-do list this week is just two items long:

  1. Figure out which parts of Obamacare are most important to you, and call your members of Congress to demand that they tell you how they will protect those parts. Tell them you oppose any vote to repeal until they have presented a solution that will allow you to access affordable health care in the aftermath.
  2. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Tell people about the parts of Obamacare that they are benefiting from without realizing it. A lot of people don’t know how the law works—it’s confusing!—so we need to help people understand the implications before it’s too late.

Here’s what I posted to Facebook—feel free to use this, or write your own. But make sure you’re having conversations outside of cyberspace, too.

Without health insurance, people die. This really, really matters, and we need to act like it. We only have about a week.



One thought on “The Resistance To-Do List: New Year, New Fights

  1. It’s mind-blowing to me how quickly the GOP is willing to pull down everything that has been accomplished by the Obama administration, seemingly out of gleeful retaliation. People like my dad, and my partner, who cannot get adequate heath care now, are about to drop off the radar entirely if these ass-hats are successful. This shit should not be taken lightly, and yes, I will be sharing this–however, being a resident of Arizona, with some of the worst conservative Reps and Senators in the country, I fear my pleas will fall on deaf ears. I have written/called them on many an issue, and always get the same “FAQ”-like responses, which usually boil down to “piss off” in politico-jargon. Here’s hoping they all start going at each others’ throats, so they accomplish as little of their nefarious plans as possible. I think bi-partisanship is still dead.


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